Molly, one of Australia’s first purpose trained bird dispersal dog, will be attending this year’s Australian Aviation Association conference on 23-27 November at the Gold Coast Convention Centre to meet her new and old friends within the aviation industry. Molly will be soaking up free pats from over 600 senior airport stakeholders and participants from across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

This will give attendees a chance to get up close and personal with Australia’s first specifically trained bird dispersal dog. Whether it be airports, landfills or farms, Molly can help keep unwanted birds away in a fast and humane manner.

Molly is Naturecall’s purpose trained bird dispersal dog and is extremely effective:

  • Providing a natural predator to the area, birds react immediately and disperse from the target zone.
  • Molly is low to the ground and quick as a flash, birds are given a strong negative reinforcement for being in the undesirable area.
  • Molly and other dispersal dogs are highly effective for one off uses but even better in conjunction with day to day dispersal methods.

While the AAA conference is not set up for bird dispersal presentations, Molly (or her handler) will be happy to book in bird dispersal sessions for anyone interested at a later date.

Contact Naturecall today on 1300 319 954 to book your session.