Naturecall are industry leaders in Wild Dog trapping and have proven experience and results on smaller properties through to large scale projects for airports and the department of defence. We have the capacity to not only capture and remove the animal but also to provide gut analysis if specifically required. We have offices based central to the Gold Coast and can provide a quick response when animals have been trapped.

It’s important that any wild dog problem be handled sensitively and professionally.

Some impacts of wild dogs:

  • Wild dogs can kill native species such as koalas, wallabies and possums.
  • There is a risk of wild dogs attacking humans in urban areas.
  • There is a risk of disease spreading to domestic animals.
  • Wild dogs can attack or kill pets and livestock causing financial loss.
  • Wild dogs can spread hydatids which is a parasitic disease, and have the potential to spread exotic diseases that affect human beings.

Naturecall Environmental takes pride in effectively controlling wild dog issues and prefer to trap wild dogs using Soft Jaw traps rather than cages. This allows for a discrete capture and has been found to be much more successful.

We ensure the Animal Care Protections Act 2001 & Land Protection (Pet and Stock Route Management) Regulations 2003 are followed at all times. All animals are euthanised in accordance with the RSPCA guidelines.

Click here to download our Wild Dog Trapping Flyer