In accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Airports are required to develop and implement a wildlife hazard management plan (WHMP). Wildlife strike can cause extensive damage to an aircraft of any size and can result in expensive repairs, delayed flights and can put human lives at extreme risk.
Naturecall Environmental were engaged by Devonport Airport to develop a WHMP in 2015. This involved getting a first-hand understanding of what wildlife is or may be present within and surrounding the airfield. From there, Naturecall reviewed internal documents to see what wildlife interactions were being recorded and how.

All information was taken back to the Naturecall office where in house ornithologists assess known and expected bird and other wildlife presence. This information is used to develop risk assessments and tools for managing and recording wildlife sightings and interactions within the airfield.


Scope of environmental services

  •  GIS Mapping
  • On and off airfield surveys
  • Risk assessment
  • Management plan development
  • Airport consultation