Erin’s environmental management skills are diverse. She is proficient in all aspects of fauna management and survey, has an in depth knowledge of vegetation management and possesses acute skills in ecology. Erin has the ability to lead and inspire her team and has a curious, open manner which allows her to communicate well in any situation. Erin has worked her way up in Biodiversity Australia and has become the backbone of the organisation.

Erin’s background is in veterinary nursing, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. She is able to develop and deliver wildlife training packages, as well as conduct assessments. She can handle a wide range of fauna species including estuarine, marine and aquatic species. Erin is experienced conducting wildlife health assessments, species identification, environmental surveys, habitat analysis, invasive species trapping, bird dispersal, venomous snake removal, animal relocation, threatened species management, and vegetation management.

Erin has demonstrated an unrivalled commitment and dedication to Biodiversity Australia, our clients and above all our environment. She has worked across all associated business units and so, understands exactly what it takes to deliver on and exceed expectations.