Karl has 6 years’ experience in terrestrial and aquatic ecology throughout NSW and QLD. This has allowed him to develop a broad skill set which he now utilises in his role as a Principal  Ecologist and Senior Business Manager with Biodiversity Australia.

Throughout his career, Karl has strived to gain a holistic knowledge of Australian Ecology, in doing so, he has developed advanced survey and assessment skills. He is able to survey and identify the full complement of Australian native and exotic fauna and flora.

Karl has a broad understanding of both State and Federal Legislation, having prepared an extensive amount of Ecological Assessments, Monitoring Reports, Seven Part Tests, EPBC Act Matters of National Environmental Significance, SEPP 44, 14 and 26 assessment as well as the preparations of Review of Environmental Factors, Vegetation Management Plans and Control Plans for Exotic Flora.

To compliment his comprehensive reporting experience, Karl is also an accomplished spatial analyst with experience in the use of ArcGIS and MapInfo as well as a vast range of data collection software (GBM Mobile, GIS Pro, Weed Map Pro) and hardware (Trimble, iPad, GPS, Toughbook). .

Supplementing his technical ability, Karl is also an accomplished Project Manager and business developer.