As of 17 June 2013, ProScare Bird and Bat Relocation products will be now available in Australia exclusively from Naturecall Environmental.

ProScare is a world leader in its class and ideal for airports needing to control both birds and flying foxes.

The ProScare range includes:

  • PROSCARE XPLODA. An excellent tool to scare birds and wildlife, the 15 mm Xploda travels 15 to 40 metres before exploding with a loud report.
  • PROSCARE JETSCREAM. Another efficient tool to deter nuisance birds, and launched in the same manner as the Xploda, the 15 mm JetScream travels 75 to 90 metres, making an alarming siren-like sound as it flies.
  • A full range of launcher guns.
  • Naturecall Environmental can provide ProScare and launcher guns direct or as part of a full bird strike and flying fox mitigation service to airports and local Councils around Australia.

    Fly safe with Naturecall Environmental.

    Contact us for details and a demonstration of the ProScare JetScream and ProScare Xploda products.