Biodiversity Australia was engaged by Seymour Whyte to provide specialist ecological and fauna management services on their awarded sections of the Pacific Motorway Upgrade project. Prior to works on both the Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes and the Varsity Lakes to Burleigh sections, Biodiversity Australia ecologists surveyed the development areas for EVNT Flora and Fauna and to identify weeds species for removal prior to clearing. A Protected Plant survey was also conducted for due diligence, which identified an additional two protected plants to be listed on the client’s Protected Plants Exemption.

Following these pre-works assessments, qualified Fauna Spotter Catchers were on site during all clearing works to manage any fauna interactions, resulting in the successful capture and safe relocation of native animals.

Biodiversity Australia provided specialist advice and on ground management to assist Seymour Whyte’s compliance to legislative requirements, specifically the requirements of the Koala Conservation Policy 2017.

Culvert inspections were also conducted for colonial breeding microbat species across multiple sites. Where required, Biodiversity Australia teams managed the successful dispersion and subsequent installation of exclusion devices to prevent microbat mortalities during the demolition process.

Biodiversity Australia provided weekly and monthly reporting to Seymour Whyte on fauna interactions, animal breeding places and NJKHT (non-juvenile koala habitat trees) which facilitated Seymour Whyte’s mandatory reporting requirements to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.


Key deliverables including any reporting requirements:

  • Weekly reporting of all key habitat features and animal interactions data
  • Monthly reporting of all fauna breeding places and NJKFT’s identified and recorded
  • Pre-clearing Fauna and Flora Management Report
  • Fauna Post-clearing Report
  • Protected Plant due diligence surveys identified additional protected plants, resulting in amendments to Protected Plants Exemption
  • Weed Survey Report
  • Weed management works
  • Post Works Report – Weeds
  • Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Management Plan & Monitoring