Biodiversity Australia have successfully delivered the full compliment of ecological services across the Carmichael Rail Network. Initial engagement on the project included undertaking all field verification and ecological baseline studies to gain final state and federal approvals. Once achieved, Biodiversity Australia then provided comprehensive Ecological services for all Principal Contractors during early and main works contracts. Services included; Onsite Ecologists, Fauna Spotter Catchers, Weed Control Technicians, Expert Ecological investigation and consulting.

Biodiversity Australia have delivered these works in conjunction with the JANGGA traditional owner group and have been successful in providing employment and upskilling pathways for many local Traditional Owner’s.


Key deliverables on project including any reporting:

  • Regional Ecosystem Verification
  • Threatened Ecological Community Verification
  • Targeted Threatened Flora Surveys
  • Targeted Threatened Fauna Surveys
  • Baseline BioCondition
  • Baseline Surface Water Monitoring
  • Baseline Dust Monitoring
  • State and Federal Reporting and Approvals
  • Feral Animal Survey
  • Weed Survey
  • Expert Ecological Consulting
  • Onsite Ecologist
  • Fauna Spotter Catcher
  • Indigenous Environmental Trainees
  • Weed Control Technicians