Will is an Ecological Consultant with more than 9 years experience working in habitats from Sydney through to Central and South East Queensland, and is an accomplished botanist within these diverse habitats.

Will’s experience includes:

  • targeted and broadscale flora surveys
  • baseline monitoring surveys
  • comprehensive  fauna surveys
  • clearing supervision/fauna spotting
  • BioCondition and BioBanking surveys and assessments
  • surveys and identification of the full compliment of native and exotic fauna species
  • high level report preparation for impact assessment and mitigation
  • project management
  • consultation with government agencies, landholders and construction contractors

Will also has a very high level capability in identifying Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) via scientific analysis of diagnostic features and reviewing legal precedents, working on Local Government and Municipal Council projects for planning and policy formation.

Will is also an accredited specialist in BioBanking and Framework for Biodiversity Assessment, and is a Biodiversity Certification Assessor in NSW.

His knowledge of legislation is broad, having prepared an extensive number of Environmental Assessment Reports, BioCondition Monitoring Reports, Seven Part Tests, EPBC Act Matters of National Environmental Significance, and SEPP 44 (Koala Habitat Protection) assessments as the core part of his work, as well as Reviews of Environmental Factors and Vegetation Management Plans.

Rounding out his broad skillset, Will is also a very highly accomplished spatial analyst, capable of using both ArcGIS and tablet-based GIS programs to collect, map and analyse a broad range of variables and produce high quality maps.

Will has pioneered and implemented the use of the iPad GIS program GIS Pro to map key features in the field such as hollow-bearing trees and vegetation boundaries throughout the Biodiversity Australia business. This new tool provides highly accurate information for impact assessment that can be shared with other disciplines and inform the layman.

Will’s Why? Because I enjoy the scientific aspects, working in the field, being innovative and helping to achieve good environmental outcomes for development.