Steve is the Founder and Managing Director of Biodiversity Australia, a national environmental consultancy. With more than 25 years’ experience in wildlife and aviation management as well as fauna research, Steve has a wealth of operational and practical knowledge and expertise in environmental management. Steve’s advanced experience in the industry has led him to be an executive committee member on the AAWHG board.

Steve is passionate about inspiring positive change and dedicated to high industry standards across Australia. He is active within the sector, providing thought-leadership, operational advice and on-the-ground management.

Steve also initiated the conception of a formal “Spotter Catcher Industry Group ” to help develop and standardise a Spotter Catcher Code of Practice. The implementation of this Code of Practice will result in an increase in standards within the industry in Australia.

Steve’s Indigenous heritage has influenced the way in which Biodiversity Australia operates, resulting in Steve’s personal and business pursuits in driving Indigenous-owned business growth and success, the overall growth of the sector, and encouraging education and employment for Indigenous youth. This strong desire to drive Indigenous growth has resulted in Steve becoming a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Innovation Reference Group (BIRG).

Steve’s background
Growing up in bush communities throughout Western Queensland, the importance and beauty of nature was ingrained within Steven from a young age. As he progressed into the workforce, Steve was lucky enough to work with captive animals from our native wildlife through to long term work with Polar Bears.

Steve was sitting on the outskirts of the industry and could see a real need for change in the way the environment and our wildlife was being managed so he began to develop new techniques and solutions to manage human and wildlife conflict to provide a more humane outcome for the animals. From there, he was able to continue to grow  into Biodiversity Australia a business which gives the environment a helping hand.

Steve’s Why? Because I have a real desire to change the way we look after the future.