Dr Christina Kindermann is an Ecologist, Herpetologist, and Vegetation Team Leader with Biodiversity Australia. Christina has developed a wide variety of ecological skills including fauna and flora identification, targeted mammal trapping, professional report writing, GIS mapping using QGIS platforms, ecological assessments, and EVNT surveys. She has also been involved in terrestrial habitat assessments, and identification of TECs in regional Queensland.

Christina is an experienced bush regenerator with a thorough understanding of the scope of our native ecosystems and methods required to treat invasive weeds and promote native group and recruitment. Her species knowledge and use of various regeneration techniques are an invaluable component to the Vegetation Unit at Biodiversity Australia. From initial primary works through to sensitive area rehabilitation, Christina has the skills and ability to exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Christina has various published works in amphibian disease research and has been granted several awards in her field.