Andrew Williams has been with Biodiversity Australia since March 2016 and is the Project Coordinator for the Vertebrate Pest, Aviation and Wildlife unit. During his time with Biodiversity Australia, Andrew has been working as a part of the Fauna Management team and the Vertebrate Pest Management team, and is regularly involved in flying fox projects. Andrew has experience in a range of environmental fields including wildlife conservation & biology, environmental management, vertebrate pest management, parks and wildlife management and venomous snake handling.

Andrew has extensive experience in the capture & restraint of native wildlife, wildlife health assessments, species identification, habitat analysis, husbandry and care of native animals, and client liaison. Andrew is also responsible for training other wildlife harassment specialists.

Andrew has worked alongside our Managing Director Steve Noy and our Senior Business Manager & Principal Ecologist Karl Robertson in all of Biodiversity Australia’s flying fox related projects since starting at the company. He is responsible for responding to emergency wildlife call outs, as well as assisting in on-ground population management for a number of urban-adapted species.