Biodiversity Australia was founded by Indigenous Australians and is a 100% Indigenous owned environmental consultancy business. Our Managing Director and Owner Steve Noy’s family is the Ualarai People (part of the Muruwari people). They were on the Narran River and lived from the Narran Wetlands (Terewah) through to Angledool near the Queensland border.

We are committed to the importance of providing employment opportunities to Traditional Owner Groups. We enthusiastically promote the use of other Indigenous Businesses. We strive to develop and create opportunities for both employing and engaging with the local Indigenous Community.

Actively supporting our Indigenous population in business
Biodiversity Australia actively seeks increased numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples throughout various positions, teams, and levels of the business:

  • Through consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Client Services and, where appropriate additional stakeholders, seek and involve a broader knowledge of the requirements of Indigenous people seeking employment.
  • Undertake targeted recruitment campaigns and market positions through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media and other relevant agencies and organisations.
  • Provide guidance and direction for prospective employees with regard to relevant positions, roles and the application processes.
  • Provide selection panels with the relevant information and training required to interview existing and prospective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

Biodiversity Australia is committed to the monitoring and review of the developed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment Strategy to ensure objectives are met and ongoing development is supported.