As of Tuesday, 3rd April Naturecall Environmental will be operating under our Company name Biodiversity Australia Pty Ltd. 

You may already be familiar with this name as this is our official registered Company name with our trading name being Naturecall.

So why the change?

Biodiversity forms the foundation of the vast array of ecosystem services to which human well-being is intimately linked. Being part of the environment ourselves, our interactions have a direct impact on the environment. Since the founding of the company in 2002, our focus and goal has been to achieve a balance between economic development and ecological management which would result in the continual improvement to the health of our ecosystems.

By operating under our Company name, Biodiversity Australia Pty Ltd, we strive to bring the importance of our ecosystem back into focus and the essential role our company plays in preserving biodiversity.

For your future reference, we would like to share with you the updated logo that will replace our old logos on all corporate documents, website, invoices etc. To make this change as smooth as possible, our email addresses and website domain will be automatically redirected for you.




Please note that this change will not impact our shipping and billing addresses, phone number and account and invoicing information, which all remain the same.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing our new look with you.


Biodiversity Australia Pty Ltd