It’s a difficult issue, but it’s vital that Councils manage Flying Foxes due to the noise, mess and disease. The most common question we hear is: what can be done?

At Naturecall Environmental we have deep expertise in helping Councils with management and relocation of colonies. We can undertake tailored assessments for Councils to decide the best approach for the colonies they have in their municipality.

It’s important that any flying fox problem be handled sensitively and professionally.

Did you know:

  • Foxes are a protected species under State Legislation, with some species also protected under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
  • Flying foxes are considered key stone species in some vegetation communities due to their role in the pollination of flowers and the spread of seeds from fruiting plants.
  • Numerous roosts and crèches have been destroyed during floods resulting in natural relocation and abandonment of established colonies. Thus, new approvals are now being granted by DEHP for the harassment and management of roost locations on Council land.
  • Naturecall Environmental takes pride in successfully managing human/animal conflicts without harm to either party.

    To ensure management is conducted with minimal stress to flying foxes, we assemble a team of specialists – including but not limited to – wildlife biologists, specialist bat carers and qualified wildlife veterinarians.

    Naturecall Environmental is also the exclusive Australian distributor for ScareAway Australia, an industry-leading product that can be highly effective in managing flying foxes.

    Naturecall Environmental can tailor a long term solution to your flying fox problems. Call us for a consultation on 1300 319 954.